Hello, my name is Hayden(Hyun) Park.
I am a passionate User Experience Designer with knowledge in human-centered design, and with an enthusiasm for creating and learning.

I always try to solve user needs through research, design, and implementation ensuring all outputs reflect evidence-based UX principles. I have a strong desire to inspire creativity and innovative thinking to provide compelling solutions that decode into creating a memorable experience for people.

As a designer, my furthest goal is to create solutions to meet the problems of everyday lives. I want to lead people to live their lives more delightfully and efficiently by utilizing my human-centered awareness, evidence-based process, well-developed professional skills, and sincere communication. 

I am


Into Tennis.

People Person.

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My Skills


 •  Interview  

 •  Contextual Inquiry

 •  Survey 

 •  Card Sorting  

 •  Affinity Diagram

 •  Persona

 •  Journey Map

 •  Data Analytics

 •  Usability Test  


 •  Interaction Design

 •  Visual Design

 •  Information Architecture

 •  Prototyping 

 •  Sketching 

 •  Wireframing 

 •  3D Modelling 

 •  Rendering


 •  Sketch 

 •  Adobe XD 

 •  Figma 

 •  Framer 

 •  Protopie 

 •  Flinto 

 •  InVision

 •  Adobe CC

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