Bathroom cleaning is difficult for everyone due to excessive tasks. Moreover, bacteria pollution and slipping accidents caused by moisture are dangerous enough to cause tens of thousands of injuries per year worldwide.


Circle is an innovative concept for bathroom dehumidifying and cleaning to solve these problems. Now, enhance your lifestyle with Circle.

Team Project

with Kyu Dae Lee



Enhance Your Lifestyle

The word " Circle " has a meaning of circulation. Through dehumidifying, the condition of a bathroom will be pleasant, and allowing people to clean their bathroom by recycling the water in the storage, Circle can provide a comfortable and efficient lifestyle for people and create environmentally beneficial values by preventing waste of water.

Circle's Concept Story


Bacterial propagation and contamination due to moisture in a bathroom

A serious waste of water in a bathroom

Numerous tasks and difficulties when cleaning a bathroom


Clean a bathroom easily by using stored water and detergent

Control a humidity of a bathroom through dehumidification

Storing dehumidified water in a water tank

Water Storage

The humidity in a bathroom will be dehumidified by Circle and be stored in internal water storage.


The storage consists of a water tank where dehumidified water is stored and a dispenser for putting detergent 



Use the smart touch interface to view remaining water levels and control real-time humidity and dehumidification modes.

Bath Cleaning

Pick up the head and easily clean your bathroom with dehumidified water. You can control the spraying method through rotating the cap, and you can conveniently adjust the water pressure the touch slide.

Information / Control


Auto Mode

Power Control

On / Off

Water Quantity







" Clean your bathroom with dehumidified water "

Water Nozzle


Circle has two water spraying types suitable for bathroom cleaning.



Touch Slide

Long Press

You can start spraying through the touch slide on the body and can adjust the water pressure.


Pressure Control

User Scenario

This is a user scenario of Circle.

01 Dehumidifying

02 Detach Head

03 Slide On

04 Cleaning

Thank You.

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