Personal Graduation Project


Relief Goods for the Third World

HOPE is a project targeted relief goods for the Third World with the concept of UNICEF. It is based on the combination of recycled cardboard boxes and new electric power generator mechanism. 
I believe HOPE project can propose you the new possibilities that designers can create, and suggest holistic solutions for the people who are being neglected from the world.


Rediscover the value of a Cardboard box

In this project, with the concept of UNICEF relief goods, I focused on rediscovering the value of cardboard boxes. Boxes are the basis for delivering relief supplies. However, after delivering relief supplies to the Third World, they are generally discarded.


By applying design solutions to these boxes and giving them new usability, I tried to solve various problems that Third World populations are facing. I truly believe that innovative box-based products and electricity generator you will see below can be the key to enhance the quality of the Third World population’s lives.


Currently, there are various problems in the Third World. First one, as we all know, is a lack of basic infrastructures. Since even basic electricities are not supplied there, it is almost impossible for people to continue their studies or other activities at night. 


The second one is perilous environments for play. The conditions of toys that are essential to the proper growth of children are so serious. Children are often exposed to various diseases such as skin diseases and lead poisoning. This is because they are picking up and playing with industrial wastes that contain heavy metals and contaminated plastics from waste heaps abandoned by advanced countries.


Finally, it is diseases caused by mosquitoes. One million children in the world are dying from malaria in a year, and 90% of them are living in the Third World. Due to the absence of appropriate means for prevention, countless Third World children are suffering from mosquito-based diseases.




This is the exterior design of Hope, a new electricity generator. I utilized blue color and logo symbolizing UNICEF, and designed as a simple form to lower the cost of production. 

The motor is located at the front, and there is a hole at the top to connect a LED. A switch for ON/OFF and a handle for electricity production is located at the side and at the rear respectively.


This is the mechanism of HOPE designed to increase the productivity of electricity by maximizing the torque of the motor. The electricity generation motor with increased torque through four gears produces electric power and stores it at the uncharged battery. Charged powers can be used to rotate the motor or turn on the LED.



The handle is designed as a necklace to prevent loss. The surface of the handle is coated with Citronella, a mosquito repellent chemical so that it can effectively prevent mosquitoes simply by hanging it.

03 Switch up to use the power

02 Turn the handle to charge power


01 Push the handle into the connection hole


These are cardboard box products designed to be combined with the HOPE generator. I got design motifs from the form of animals and nature beings. The assembly method is designed not only to be easy and simple but also has strong durability.


Making process will be updated


This is HOPE Lamp that people in Third World can use in their daily lives. It was designed with motifs from the shape of a tree. When you rotate the handle for 1 minute, it will last for 15 minutes.


This is a giraffe desk lamp designed to solve the problem that children in the Third World cannot continue their studies at night due to the lack of basic lighting facilities. I designed it through the idea that the morphological properties of giraffes are similar to those of traditional desk lamps. When you rotate it for 1 minute, it will last for 25 minutes.


This is a night mood lamp with a motif of owls.
When you rotate it for 1 minute, it will last for 25 minutes.


This is a helicopter toy designed to solve the perilous play environments for children in the Third World such as toys contaminated with heavy metals or made with plastic wastes. When you rotate it for 1 minute, the propeller will start to move and last for 10 minutes.


This is a mosquito repellent speaker designed to solve one of the Third World's biggest problems, the mosquito-borne diseases.

It produces high-frequency waves continuously that can block access of mosquitoes. When you rotate it for 1 minute, it will last for 35 minutes.

06 CAR

This is a car toy designed to solve the perilous play environments for children in the Third World such as toys contaminated with heavy metals or made with plastic wastes. When you rotate the handle for 1minuite, the wheels will start to move and last for 10minutes.

This is a rabbit fan. I focused on to solve the problem that children in the Third World have to endure the hot summer without any fans. When you rotate the handle for 1minuite, it will last for 15minutes.



This is a carousel toy. The HOPE generator is located in the lower part of it. When you rotate the handle for 1minuite, the upper part will start to rotate and last for 10minutes.


These are pictures of my graduation exhibition, HOPE. I was able to successfully finish the exhibition and received business proposals from many companies.


I will update following processes as I proceed. 

01 Further development of the project with the supports of Kookmin Univ.

- Box packaging

- Actual injection mold making

- Redesign the internal structure for stable    power production

02 Usability Tests

03 Proposal to UNICEF

Thank You.